This Chat Is The REASON Commercials Say To Get Your Parents Permission Before Coming Online…

All we can say is wow…

The four best words that come to mind when describing this highly interesting yet seemingly bizarre chat below are… OMFG.

Yet oh so addicting!

Apparently registration isn’t required to chat. Who knew?

Protip: typing name=Whateveryouwant in the text area bar is a quick way to change one’s username.

Automatic Sperm Extractor Now In Use In Chinese Hospitals

According to the director of the urology department of the hospital, the machine is designed to help individuals that are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way. We’re not entirely convinced that standing in a room shared by many other people and being milked like a cow is going to help, but their efforts are commendable. Here’s to technology.
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We here at have just one question: How much does the midget inside get paid?


This a real commercial. It amazes me that this is not a parody.

I love this commercial though. It is completely creepy and insane. Watch it over and over while drinking – it’s trippy.

You know why that light bulb is smiling? It’s because he doesn’t have a tongue or a throat.
Are you tired – of being alive? Ask your doctor if Intermezzo is right for you!


So, obviously I decided to ask my doctor. . . . . LIGHTS OUT, BLIATCHES!